One night in November, EELS played a blistering set in Munich, Germany, as part of their 2001 Bus Driving, Band Rocking Tour. Even though it was one of the best nights of the tour, one irate concertgoer was upset that "Novocaine For The Soul" was not included in the set, going so far as confronting E after the show. Naturally E told him to fuck off and think of something more original to worry about.

The next day, in Vienna, Austria, Afroman - the guy who sings "Because I Got High," was staying at the same hotel as EELS. E, aware that the people wanted a big hit song, but still not in the mood to play "Novocaine," asked Afroman if he would like to come down and sing his current hit song at the EELS concert that night. Luckily Afro was plastered and said yes.

One of Afroman's "posse" happened to be filming the event with a camcorder, and so you too can enjoy the head-scratching fun of being told that you're about to hear a hit song at an EELS concert, and then be treated to the band learning their way through the latest Afroman hit, with the man himself leading the way. Let's just say that not everyone in the band had even heard the song before.

Much like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video was not an endorsement of black magic, this footage should in no way be construed as an endorsement of drug taking. Some of the people on stage at this time were completely present and aware of their actions. See if you can guess which ones.

Here, for the first time anywhere, is actual footage of: The Afroman Incident