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Bobby Jr.
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meet bobby, jr.

A lot of you have been asking, "Who is this 'Bobby, Jr.' that I keep hearing about in regard to his performance on the new EELS album?" Now's your chance to meet Mr. Jr. yourself.

Much like his master, Mr. E, Bobby, Jr. has a dark past, but is now living a wonderful and enriched life, full of promise and hope. Here's his story:

One night somewhere on the mean streets of Silver Lake, CA., a German Shepherd made the inspired choice to mate with a Basset Hound (or possibly the other way around -- either way, try not to form a mental picture). The result of this odd and unholy union was Bobby, Jr.

Because of his unusual breeding, Bobby, Jr. has a very long, regular-sized German Shepherd torso that sits upon little, stubby Basset Hound legs -- one of which is screwed on backwards by a birth defect. Although not fat whatsoever, he has to eat diet dog food because his regular, long torso is just too much weight for his short little legs. He's a Frankenstein's monster of a dog, as if the evil doctor took the torso, coloring and tail of a German Shepherd and sewed them onto the legs of a sad-eyed Basset Hound.

bobby. jr. The life of a homeless Silver Lake dog was not an easy one. Long days were spent searching for scraps of food while the chilly nights were spent in desperate pursuit of something to hump. Picked-up on the Silver Lake streets by Los Angeles Animal Control, Bobby, Jr. was brought to an area dog pound, and that's where Mr. E met him one day and decided to rescue him from Dog Death Row.

Blessed with half-hound blood that forces him to sing when he hears sirens, violins, or, as E discovered during a recording session one night -- Mellotrons, Bobby, Jr. now lives comfortably in the Everett Estate's lap of luxury, spending his days sleeping 18-22 hours, chewing on expensive, designer dog bones and rarely being bothered to do little more than eat and perform the occasional EELS recording session vocal track.

It is said that E and Bobby, Jr. get along famously and share many character traits. They can often be seen walking the streets of Los Feliz together, hand-in-leash.

Bobby Jr.'s namesake, Bobby, Sr., (no relation to the EELS song "Wrong About Bobby") was actually a toy robot dog that Mr. E bought from a toy store to try out first, feeling commitment-phobic about the responsibility of owning an actual real, living, breathing, and pooping dog, after having to give up his little cat Slinky because of so much time away from home on world tour after world tour (Slinky took a little trip over to Susan's House -- literally -- where she still lives happily to this day).

bobby. jr. E and Slinky remain close and there are no jealousy issues or hard feelings about the acquisition of Bobby, Jr. or the fact that Slinky was merely mentioned in the EELS song "Fucker," as the little black cat that meowed, while Bobby, Jr. gets to actually sing and be part of an EELS recording himself, thus thrusting himself into a limelight Slinky can only dream of.

Says E: "I was Wrong About Bobby, but I was right about Bobby, Jr."

Although the occasional bout with acid reflux, related to the consumption of dog feces, can effect his performance, Bobby, Jr. is outspoken on the subject of performers lip synching and adamantly refuses to lip synch or use backing tracks during any of his performances.

Bobby, Jr. is currently in negotiations with Interscope/Geffen Records to record a solo album and star in his own MTV reality show.

Hear Bobby Jr.'s debut performance on the track "Last Time We Spoke" from the new EELS album BLINKING LIGHTS AND OTHER REVELATIONS right HERE.

Check out Bobby, Jr.'s official MySpace page HERE.

Marvel at Bobby, Jr.'s personal line of T-shirts and panties HERE.

See Bobby, Jr.'s screen debut in the EELS' Hey Man (Now You're Really Living) video HERE.

And his acclaimed work in the EELS' That Look You Give That Guy video HERE


  bobby, jr.

bobby, jr.

bobby, jr.

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