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Daisies of the Galaxy
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2000 LP featuring guest appearances by Peter Buck, Grant Lee Phillips. Two versions released; one version unedited, and another edited for "profanity" (the hilarious "it's a monster trucker"). Vinyl version released by Bongload Records.

Release Date: March 14, 2000
Label: Dreamworks
Produced by: E

01 Grace Kelly Blues
02 Packing Blankets
03 Sound of Fear
04 I Like Birds
05 Daisies of the Galaxy
06 Flyswatter
07 It's a Motherfucker
08 Estate Sale
09 Tiger in My Tank
10 Daisy Through Concrete
11 Jeannie's Diary
12 Wooden Nickels
13 Something Is Sacred
14 Selective Memory
15 Mr. E's Beautiful Blues (Untitled)