The new EELS album, SOULJACKER, their fourth, will be released in the U.S. March 12th, 2002, from DreamWorks Records.

The album was pre-released Sept., 2001 internationally.

What the English press have to say about SOULJACKER:

London: The Sunday Times critic's poll has voted EELS' SOULJACKER Album of the Year.

"Souljacker followed a stay be Eels' singer E at a California Zen retreat. The result is a freak show of vicious parents, serial killers and a dog-faced boy, balanced by gorgeous string laden ballads and musings on the human soul. Spiritual inspiration rarely comes with such atomic riffs."

"The new EELS album won't just rock your world - it'll save your soul ... hauntingly beautiful ... one of the most profound, most diverse and most amazing albums of the year. The conventional wisdom that Electro-shock Blues was E's masterpiece will have to be reassessed: it was clearly just one of his masterpieces."

-Sunday Times

"SOULJACKER is an almighty sigh of sympathy, a giant shrug in the face of adversity, and a clarion call for those who manage to find personal salvation in this "World Of Shit."

-Sunday Herald

"Charisma to spare... a remarkable, mercurial album ... violent to tender, bleak to comical ... electrifying."


"Consistently exhilarating... E believes that the sanctity of the human spirit cannot be tampered with."

-The Times

"Downright brilliant."


"An excellent, edgy car crash of a record ... spectacular."

-The List

"Fearsome, rocking, chilling ... weary but winning."


"Something special."


"Gorgeously Poetic."

-The Independent

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