Critic's Choice - Jon Pareles, New York Times

- Rolling Stone

- The New Yorker
- USA Today

"Absolute stone masterpiece"
- Entertainment Weekly

"Devastatingly beautiful"
5 stars - Alternative Press

4 stars - Mojo

"Defiantly uplifting"
4 stars - Q

"This confirms him among America's greats"
4 stars - Uncut

5 stars - The Sunday Times, London

4 stars - The Guardian

"This is Mark Oliver Everett's masterpiece"
4 stars - The Mirror

"Life-affirming and career-defining"
4 stars - The Sun

"Like glimpsing sunlight through storm clouds... Repeated listening reveals the total absence of filler tracks. This is without doubt E's masterpiece."
5 stars - Rip N Burn

"Many thought Electro-shock Blues was a masterpiece... E surpasses it with Blinking Lights and Other Revelations."
- Word

"A record of real, despondent beauty"

"This is his masterpiece, a work so fully involving that you could, and should, spend whole days in its company."
4 stars - The Times Eye

"A tour de force"
- Music Week

"An immensely personal and highly listenable pop masterpiece"
4 stars - Detroit Free Press

- The Boston Globe

"Magnum opus"
- Boston Herald

"Deity opus"
- Village Voice

- Philadelphia Inquirer

"Eels' most ambitious effort to date"
- Chicago Tribune

- Chicago Daily Herald

"A cinematic epic"
- New York Post

"Staggeringly ambitious... as intimate as a whispered confidence"
- Houston Chronicle

"An intricate tapestry of emotion"
- Indianapolis Weekly

"An emotional roller coaster of a record"
4 stars - Ice

"The album of a lifetime"
- Time Out New York

4 stars - The Independent

- The Times

"Gorgeous and heartbreaking"
- The Austin Chronicle

"One of history's best double albums"
- The Dallas Observer

- Hot Press

"All life is here"
4 stars - The Mail

"The EELS' best album"
- The Observer

- Outlook

- Harp

"A manual for mining grace"
- Mother Jones

"Utterly original and startlingly beautiful"
- All Music Guide