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hey kids! lots of SOULJACKERinformation is here for you!
Read E's explanation on the origin of SOULJACKER and the amazing liner notes by DJ Killingspree before anyone else! Download and watch the news Eels videos and E-card and read what the English press has to say about SOULJACKER. You can even check out John Parish's selected discography for kicks.

origins of SOULJACKER
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2001 LP featuring guest appearances by Koool G Murder, John Parish, and Joe Gore.

Release Date: September 24, 2001 (UK) March 2002 (US)
Label: Dreamworks

01 Dog Faced Boy
02 That's Not Really Funny
03 Fresh Feeling
04 Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
05 Souljacker Pt. I
06 Friendly Ghost
07 Teenage Witch
08 Bus Stop Boxer
09 Jungle Telegraph
10 World of Shit
11 Souljacker Pt. II
12 What Is This Note?

Maybe I should explain a few things about the origins of SOULJACKER. People keep asking me "what is a SOULJACKER?"

Originally the press coined the term "Soul Jacker" for an American serial killer in the 1990s that claimed to not only kill, but also steal the souls of his victims. This is not his story.

But I was very interested in this idea, that someone could take your soul.

During the recording of the EELS record ELECTRO-SHOCK BLUES, I did something I never would normally do, but I was going through a lot and needed a break. I went to a meditation retreat and did not speak, read or write for ten days.

During these ten days I began to think about this idea of stealing a soul on a larger scale. It seemed to me that there were just too many distractions and that people were losing their souls because they had no way of knowing what they had in the first place. How can you keep what you don't know you have?

I then realized that no one can take your soul if you know what you have and you don't want them to. I wrote the song that became SOULJACKER part II in my head during these 10 days. Breaking the retreat's rule about not writing anything, I would go to the outdoor bathroom and use the pencil for bathroom cleaning duty sign-up, and write the words on toilet paper, hiding it whenever someone came in.

Later we wrote SOULJACKER part I, which is about the ugliness of a soulless life. And then came all the other characters in this world that make up SOULJACKER.

Just thought I should explain. It's really a beautiful thing. Thanks.


by DJ Killingspree

WHEN I FIRST VENTURED FORTH INTO MY CAREER IN RAP MUSIC, I was looking for a type of sound that personified the urban experience: the blood, the sweat, nay, the stink, if you will, of this "hood" we call AMERICA.

I never found it.

A decade later this new sound, this encyclopedia of love, God, Satan, pain and heartbreak - this Magna Carta of rock, at last surfaces. You're holding it now.

Welcome, friend, to the hardest rocking substance known to man: SOULJACKER.

EELS ARE NOT NEW TO ROCKING YOUR WORLD. Hell, they've been around since the 1900's. You dug BEAUTIFUL FREAK, you grooved to ELECTRO-SHOCK BLUES, and DAISIES OF THE GALAXY blew your collective minds. Here's the new sound from EELS - SOULJACKER. And this shit, y'all, this shit is Biblical.

At first listen, SOULJACKER purports to rock you and leave it at that. As if that's not enough in these times of corporate-video-product-tie-in-acceptable-to-the-mall-crowd "rock". Yeah, just rockin' it would be more than enough!

But listen again: E, Butch, and a funky Englishman named John Parish, come together to blow hard - HARD like a mystical trumpet playing from a hard rockin' land. HARD like a rock baking in the desert sun. HARD like the heart of a teenager stuck in Nowheresville.

JOHN PARISH, A PROPER Englishman that knows how to rock, met EELS leader E at a taping of the British television program "Top of the Pops." The two continued to meet up whenever they were in the same town and a mutual love of croquet and rock led to the making of much of the record you now hold in your hand. A relationship that literally started at the "Top of the Pops" certainly holds promise, don't you think?

It's been a lifelong dream of the boys to have Koool G Murder involved in a project. This dream finally becomes reality with this release: Mr. Murder rocks the bass and keys on several SOULJACKER tracks. Legendary guitarist Joe Gore pops up on the haunting BUS STOP BOXER as well as the celebratory WHAT IS THIS NOTE? And isn't that old bass playing pal Adam I hear on SOULJACKER part I?

D'wight Devil programs some crazy shit that will have the kids lining up at the record store for weeks to come. Drummer Butch, known to many as nothing less than the greatest drummer alive, kicks his usual ass.

They all played maracas.

And then there is singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist E (aka Mark Oliver Everett). What is he all about? He has been called many things. One message board poster calls him the "Godfather to all the babyfreaks with broken hearts." Ask E himself for the answer and he'll shrug and say simply, "I like to rock."

THIS PLATTER IS PEPPERED with interesting characters: ghosts, witches, hairy boys, driving women and sleeping men. They are the people of these streets we live on. And they each have a story.

Check out JUNGLE TELEGRAPH. In just under 3 minutes and forty seconds we hear the story of a man who was born during a terrible storm, grows up to be a teenage prostitute, kills a man in self defense and flees to the jungles of Africa to live out his days in a tree. Is it just me, or is something heavy going on here?

And, hey, THAT'S NOT REALLY FUNNY - is funny. How the hell did they do that?

Have you heard FRESH FEELING? Man, I love that shit. That's a string sample from SELECTIVE MEMORY, off of DAISIES OF THE GALAXY that you hear. This isn't the first time EELS have sampled themselves. Back in '98 they freaked me out when they used the backing track for their old song DOG'S LIFE - played backwards - and turned it into a new song forward, called EFIL'S GOD (from ELECTRO-SHOCK BLUES).

This kind of thing goes on all the time now, but I want to go on record and give EELS their due props. People been bitin' their style for a long time and that's fine. But show them some respect and they will continue to drop some serious science on your heads.

How about BUS STOP BOXER? Not for the faint of heart, indeed.

And then there's a little number called, SOULJACKER part I. Warning: remove all sharp objects in the room before putting this one on, it leans toward the rock end of the spectrum!

And, ladies, don't worry. There are some tender moments here as well. Check out E telling his lady how happy she makes him in WHAT IS THIS NOTE?, WORLD OF SHIT, and of course, FRESH FEELING. You'd better bring a hanky to this party!

WHEN IT'S ALL OVER, I'm spent. I turn off the stereo and sit down on the couch. I don't have much energy, but there is one thing left that I need to do: thank these EELS.

Thank you, EELS. Thanks for rocking my motherfucking world.

DJ Killingspree
Brooklyn, NY,
May, 2001

CLICK HERE to read what the English press have to say about SOULJACKER.
Eels kickoff the release of the Souljacker single with this web viewable promotional video. Download it and watch it now!


click for larger
Check out the full length video for Souljacker Pt. I and the 8 minute EELS Souljacker Video EPK! See behind-the-scenes video of the Souljacker Pt. I video, interviews with E, John Parish, and director Wim Wenders as well as exclusive footage of tender moments shared between Butch & E on the streets of Berlin.
RP Low Band
RP High Band
souljacker pt.1
RP Low Band
RP High Band
Quicktime versions available in the Videos section.

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